Enlightening Elastomeric Experiences

Latex resonator art pictures


cycle: "Hands''

I am deeply fascinated by latex...

Latex rubber is a very extraordinary kind of matter; it "lives" from  the perpetual vibrant interplay with the universe - in many subtle ways it is exchanging energies with everything...
Especially I am fascinated by the way this unearthly material is capable to keep its equilibrium while it interacts with all. Latex could be therefore be described best as "the material of the thousand interactions".
Latex has very particular qualities; it has the ability to interact with consciousness in very special ways, and by the way of its existence it makes the interaction between macrocosm and microcosm immediately realizable, which makes of it the perfect material for the mystic.
Unfortunately about the mystical aspects of latex there seem to be nothing publically known anymore on this planet. Despite that this material was already known in ancient times, about its shamanic application only very little and narrow knowledge has been tradited, and due to its perishability even for archeologists not many clues have survived in the dirt of the centuries to reconstruct what shamens of the past once may have created of it and which kinds of spiritual trance rites they used it for.
Though I created this site to permit you to get taken by the hand of the plastic shamen and discover that there is a completely different side of latex - with experiences far away from those grubby sexual clichés you may or may not have heard about "latex fetishism" on this planet, but instead showing that latex can be a wonderful meditation tool of mind expansion, self- realization, harmony and spiritual development when it just gets applied with the right mind and understanding of its miraculous nature and capabilities...
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