Enlightening Elastomeric Experiences

'Mudra Arts' - yoga resonator art pictures

This photo series mainly came into being when I experimented to find a good and expressive title picture for this site. These pictures were simply taken with an old Blaupunkt video 8 camcorder on a cheap tripod, alone (without camera man) in a tiny room, and as my 1st attempt to take pictures of myself at all.

I find these pictures astonishingly well done and aesthetic, regarding my simple equipment. My understanding of aesthetics is certainly a bit different from the things this planet's latex fetishists may expect on a rubberist picture site. But remember that although I enjoy to do sensual experiences with latex and to realize its vibrant energies, my relation to it is not simply sexual, but of a deeply mystical nature. Latex is for me a spiritual tool of human perfectation, though what I tried to express is something quite different.

I hope people can enjoy my pictures and understand that there is also a completely different side of this magical material, which exists beyond all sexual clichés.

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