Enlightening Elastomeric Experiences

in touch with the cosmos...

One of the things I enjoy most with latex resonators is simply to completely relax and feel their vibrations when they gently touch my face (which creates a feedback loop to shiatsu points).

There is nothing else on Earth like latex.
It's a pity that this unique material still has such a terrible public image on this planet.

Latex is something wonderful;
it is nothing evil,
nothing disgusting
and nothing pervert!

Latex can be such a gentle and tender material which intensifies and interacts with vibrations in so many subtle ways. I don't understand why on this strange planet it of all is just associated with sado- masochism instead of regarding its mystical qualities (as described here and here).

I am quite convinced I perceive the same particular energies those latex fetishists may feel, but what I perform with it is not of simple sexual intention. Latex can do so much more; it perpetually exchanges energies with everything. A latex resonator represents a wholeness which is driven by the same divine energetic principle of cosmic equilibrium that permits us to exist. To touch it is just like realizing the living, breathing, pulsing spirit of the universe.

A common prejudice against sensual experiences with rubber is that it would be something chemical that anyway would smell so disgustingly awful that therefore everybody who enjoys it can only be some pervert kind of glue sniffing solvent junky. 

There may perhaps be a few solvent sniffers in the rubberist scene, but at least with pure natural latex rubber this imagination is completely wrong. Natural latex is a non- toxic plant material, and its mild, organic smell has little common with what unknowing people may remember as "rubber"; not all rubber sorts stink as terrible as tyres! 

The special capabilities of psychedelic latex equipment are not simply based on that it has a smell, but mainly on how it feels - more precisely on the unique way this incredible material can interact with bodily vibrations (as previously explained e.g. here, here and here).

The resonators you see on this page are made from Tuffy rubber gloves, those are of a wonderful sort of pure natural latex. The most fantastic thing of these is that they have absolutely no awful chemical odours. Instead their latex has an extremely mild and natural- organic smell, which is not at all comparable with tyres or ordinary toy balloons, but more resembles the smell of a human body after sleeping in a meadow. (More about the smell of latex can be found here; how in the opposite organic solvent vapours destroy the brain can be read on this page.)

Latex, how it's meant to be,
means harmony - not cruelty!
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