Enlightening Elastomeric Experiences

in touch with the cosmos...

Here you can see me with an Arena latex swimcap resonator. It is a wonderful experience of harmony to tenderly realize the vibrations of such a wholeness of this wonderful energetic material. I love to feel the magical material on my face, relax and just be aware of its energies those interact with my ajna chakra in my meditation.

(Note: Freudian mockers may find that this kind of resonators can look a little titty. I don't particularly care about this aspect, but in a shamanic way it could certainly be interpreted as something like safely sleeping at the breasts of Mother Earth or anything similar. However you interpret it - it's a very harmonious experience.)

The material of Arena swimcap resonators is very stretchable and of quite high steepness, but it has way less hysteresis than ordinary toy balloons. As you can see here, to protect its vulnerable membrane from overload damage it should be supported by hand when loading it with body weight. (Don't fear - latex resonators never explode without a presumable logical reason. When treated with great care and respect for the laws of the latex, the risk becomes almost zero.)
Swimcap resonators are very well suited for resonaKampaña. They can produce a variety of interesting sounds by tenderly drumming with the fingers near its inlet pipe while partly damping the membrane vibrations by body contact.

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