yoga with resonators


The ekoChakra_padmassana is a meditation posture of balance, which especially helps to guide the prana to the muladhara chakra for activating the kundalinih.

While sitting down in the ekoChakra_padmassana, it is important to carefully adjust the resonator's exact position by hand before loading it fully with body weight, to prevent it from getting damaged by overload. Unlike illustrated on these pictures, I therefore recommend rather to put the legs first into the lotus seat before sitting down onto the resonator, because this protects the middle area of its vulnerable membrane from getting unnecessarily driven into the 3rd operating range. Also pulling the feat close to the body helps to avoid this.

Important is also that in this exercise the resonator must neither be inflated too much nor to little, because both can overload zones of its membrane by 3rd range operation. Despite it is unfortunately very difficult to find rubber glove sorts those as resonators are strong enough to survive bearing body weight for longer time.

I nowadays use inflatable medical latex sit rings instead, those are designed to hold body weight. (In medical supply stores they tend to cost horror prices. On eBay they are much cheaper.) For the ekoChakra_padmassana also hot water bottle resonators can well be used. They are also suited for heavier human beings.

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