yoga with resonators


The embrioAssana is a simple, but powerful meditation posture.
This embryo- like posture is capable to create a great feeling of harmony and can have strongly energizing effects on the chakra system. 

Important is (especially when performed with naked skin) not to rub the resonator too much against the body, because otherwise an electrical overcharge of the skin's nervous system can occur. (Also see here.) Most times I therefore rather wear a pyjama to prevent this.

(Note for cross- visitors: What I perform here with the resonator has no sexual intentions. The goal is not causing orgasms/ ejaculation. I just want to realize its cosmic vibrations and energies and let it guide me on my spiritual journey. 

Orgasms (with ejaculation) should be better avoided, because they maladjust the nervous system and though prevent success in meditation.)

(For these pictures an Arena swimcap resonator was used.)
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