Wanted! - Please help me...

Who knows a source for rubber gloves of this very special sort:

They were sold until few years ago by the company Vileda, and the type name of the German version was "Der Starke" (means "The Strong").

As the name suggests, the very special quality of these gloves was that they were made of very strong latex (ca. 1mm). I urgently need them to perform certain yoga exercises (e.g. these) because they are the only (known) rubber glove sort that is strong enough to bear body weight for a long time when inflated as resonators.
a Vileda Der Starke

Because due to drift effects also the stamina of the great "Der Starke" resonators is strictly limited when they get burdened by body weight the  way I need (and though their life time is limited  to not very much longer than a year), and I am running out of these gloves now, I urgently need some more specimens of Vileda "Der Starke" or a comparable strong latex rubber glove sort. (For replacement types it will also be important that they must not emit too toxic solvent smells (as described here).)

Unfortunately this special type seems to be not in production any longer and I also don't know any replacement types, because Vileda and apparently all other known companies don't make any very strong rubber gloves anymore; in the shops they everywhere got replaced with (non- inflatable) cloth/ plastic/ leather craftsman's gloves today. For many yoga assanas I perform there is no well working replacement for this  resonator sort. Latex hot water bottles are also of strong rubber, but geometrically they are badly suited for these exercises.

rubberist help needed...?!

Therefore does anybody know where I can get more Vileda - Der Starke or a comparable strong latex rubber glove sort?

I don't know if in other parts of the world they are still sold under a different brand name. I remember that in other Vileda rubber gloves (made of neoprene?) the name of the Dutch company Ansell was embossed, though possibly Ansell still makes them and sells them somewhere.

To ease identifying them, here are some more detail pictures (click for bigger pictures):

This rubber is about 1mm thick...

I later found a bunch of orange LUX gloves in an OBI property store that was unfortunately about to close its branch. These gloves are extremely similar like "Vileda - Der Starke"; only the texture is different (pyramids instead of diamonds) but the material seems to be quite the same (even the smell). I bought 11 pairs of them; I hope this is enough for the next years. Unfortunately all these LUX gloves have small cracked spots where their package bags have holes in them; I guess they got in contact with ozone, car exhaust gas or similar dread stuff. The cracks haven't reached yet the inner layer, though I hope that this won't affect their stability and airtightness too much.

But for the case that they won't last long - if anybody knows a reasonably priced source for the original "Der Starke" gloves or something similar, I would have nothing against buying 10 or more pairs of them (but still remember, I am a monk and have not unlimited money).

...a sincerely confessed plastic-shamen