Latex - a physically very extraordinary material

Elastomers (rubber materials) are a physically very extra- ordinary form of matter: It gains its elasticity from entropy, i.e. from that force in the universe that strives for maximal unorderedness - though perpetually trying in the heat motion to draw the elastomer's molecule chains into a static- dynamical equilibrium of all forces.

At each stretch the elastomer does not store the supplied force simply bound anywhere within itself as energy, but it radiates it out as infrared warmth straightway into the universe, keeping within instead only the order. At each release so it is again in the need of that heat energy from the universe to gain its force back to contract by the working of entropy. Without any warmth it would strengthlessly freeze to hard ice.

Therefore the resonator stands in perpetual interaction with the universe, and each work with it is arch- genuinely like a tender strength testing with a kind of bizarre cosmic muscle, which gains its elastic force from that interplay between the order-/ information principle* and the entropy, that drives this spacetimely universe forward.

(* in Tantra called sattva)


The metaphysical secrets of latex...

The following descriptions may sound very strange to people those never have heard before about the following, surprisingly different kind of deeply moving experiences those can be gained with rubber equipment. But for me it was at least similarly strange to decide to build this bridge site at the border to the rubberist scene, because as a monk I never came in mind to look for contact of all to this special scene before, and it is the first time ever that I publish a text about this special topic, but from my scientific research I know that interdisciplinary cooperation is one of the most important virtues for gathering knowledge and findings to make new developments possible. Though the reason that with this I contact you is the hope to find on this planet here people with less prejudice and especially with much practical sensual experience with the material and though possibly persons those realized already similar experiences like me (but perhaps without being capable to categorize theirs yet). Read now about which special kinds of experiences I mean:

Driven by transcendental visions I began to use the resonators in my yoga as a meditational object for directing my awareness at, and to my surprise I discovered that it was not only a useful beginners aid for learning meditation, but under certain circumstances the resonator's membrane got even capable to conduct my consciousness when I tried to concentrate my prana (i.e. qi/ chi/ or so-called "cosmic energy") onto it, just like it would become an additional conscious part of my own nervous system.

To make it sound less strange, we must remind that our brain and nervous system is also just a physical system which interacts with consciousness, though there is no logical reason why other systems should not be also capable to do so.

I know that since aeons shamens and mystics of various cultures apply crystals as a common aid for creating meditative/ contemplative states and for accessing the body's underlying informational structures. But with resonators the spiritual experiences I got went far beyond anything I realized before with any classical kinds of drugfree psychedelics.
(It is important to mention in this context that unlike many shamens I never rape my body with any kinds of psychoactive drugs. In my religion our body is holy, and it is especially a mortal sin to do anything brain damaging, because keeping our brains intact is the basis for any further leading spiritual development of the man and for the preservation and further development of the human race.)

According to well accepted theories consciousness interacts with the brain by controlling the uncomputable behaviour of single particles (by quantum tunnelling etc.) within the Heisenbergian uncertainty, though controlling randomly- looking chaotical processes in the nervous system to exchange information for making voluntary control and perception possible. The nervous system otherwise is based on membrane structures interacting with electric force fields (those change interacts with mechanical vibration patterns) and neurons can change their behaviour on a molecular level to store informations.

When we come back to the resonators, we can find that they are also a membrane structure surrounded by (static) electric force fields those interact (get modulated) with its mechanical vibrations, and when we go down to the molecular level we find that its molecule chains continuously change their arrangement chaotically, electrons can move between them in a restricted way (e.g. by tunnelling, despite electrical insulation) and even the links between the molecule chains are changing sometimes. (Also see here about the phenomenon of hysteresis.) This all together is certainly not enough to function as a brain, but for conducting consciousness and temporary storing some informations it may be sufficient to function well enough this way. (It may sound strange, but I exactly have this immediate perception.)

(Regard: In no way I attempt to deny the necessarity of the human brain here like certain stupid kinds of occultists do by claiming that a black box- like soul would do all the cognitive work completely without it. I even have personally to do in some ways with brain research, though I know well about the tremendous complexity of the brain's information processing. What I describe here is just about practical experiments how consciousness can interact with matter on a very essential level, which is something different from the question how much complexity is needed for a conscious system to become capable to think.)

To make a resonator conduct consciousness best, it seems to be necessary to operate it in the 2nd range, because though its molecule chain arrangement is set to a higher degree of static- dynamical order which makes it better suited to process the signals needed to directly interact with the field of consciousness*. Operating a resonator in the 3rd range seems to make this effect even stronger, but unfortunately only at the beginning, because due to the molecular drift the signal patterns on it seem to dissolve already after very few seconds and though make the effect vanish.

Very interesting gets this behaviour of resonators in conscious awareness relocation when we remind the neurological fact that the narcotic effect of many gases bases on osmotically varying the neurons membrane tension; gases those reduce the tension (like deflating) make sleepy, i.e. "less conscious", while gases those increase this tension (stretch their membrane) tend to make euphoric and increase the intensity of conscious realization (make "more conscious") instead. Though the tension of membranes (which determines besides others their acoustical resonance frequencies) is possibly a crucial key element of understanding in general how a physical system (like our brain) can interact with the cosmic field of consciousness and how in future other systems (e.g. computers) can be designed to become conscious also.)

A resonator which was previously operated in the 3rd range for a longer time and then got driven down into the 2nd one seems to have only a reduced capability to conduct consciousness, supposedly due to the ease of hysteresis which keeps the molecule arrangement in a state of continuous alteration which makes it more chaotic and though much worse suited to hold and process signal patterns from consciousness anymore.

Otherwise a rubber glove resonator of brand new latex seems to function much better for conscious awareness relocation after it has been operated once for a short time in an entirely stretched state (including such membrane areas those during normal operation remain unstretched) by driving it carefully in a controlled way into a medium high 3rd operating range for few minutes. ElastAyama causes a dramatical alteration of the molecule chain arrangement of the elastomer, which breaks and changes many of its molecular links; apparently this has a quite similar effect on it like the process of low- level formatting on a data media. The reorganization of the molecule chains induced by this seems to make it easier for the consciousness field to influence where new connections shall be build up - similarly like it does when a conscious brain comes into being. But it must not be forgotten; the process of elastAyama is a serious stress for the material and a potential danger for its life, therefore I absolutely can not recommend to perform it with any valuable or irreplaceable latex objects.

To realize this type of experience it needs certainly some spiritual practise. My practical background has to do with tantraic yoga, but people experienced in qi- gong, falun- gong, reiki or similar forms of so- called "energy work" should also be well enabled to follow this.

The original exercises of conscious awareness relocation are more complex and I am not here to break oaths, though I will only instruct a few basical steps here. But I am in the hope that people here will try them out and learn to become capable to make their own experiences.

basical instructions:

  • Do a meditation with little body contact (e.g. by hands) to a resonator in the 2nd operating range.
  • Concentrate the awareness to the vibrations and the weak electric force fields of the resonator at the body area touching its membrane. Intensify the awareness there and try to accumulate some prana (chi/ orgone / "cosmic energy"...) in your body at the location of the touched membrane areas.
  • Begin to expand your perception field a few centimeters around these points of touch to immediately perceive the surrounding area of the membrane by its vibrations. Attempt to guide the prana over to the membrane area there.
  • Now try to slowly take off your conscious awareness from the bounds of your body and to make it follow unified with the prana and the vibrations to expand onto this membrane area. Try with closed eyes to immediately perceive more and more the shape of those areas of the resonator's membrane those are not touched by you, and guide the prana there just like when it would be an additional part of your body.
In advanced forms of this kind of awareness relocation exercises it is also possible to make a resonator conduct consciousness without touching it. By guiding more and more prana to the resonator (and now I nearly trumpet out a secret) it is possible to make very interesting, joyful spiritual experiences. (But I won't go into further details here...)

It is recommended to generally avoid to recklessly destroy or abuse a resonator with that already consciousness conduction or other spiritual experiences were achieved successfully, because the material seems to be capable to store certain informations about it those will make it easier to reach these mental states again by later re- using the same resonator. Also mindlessly messing around with elastAyama on such a resonator should be avoided. (You also wouldn't format a data media when there are already data on it - would you?)

In a very gross approximation resonators could be described to be capable to function for the nervous system of a yogi similarly like an external antenna works for a radio. My genuine understanding of what is happening here physically is MUCH more detailed. But for explaining it completely here I would need to go into very lengthy consciousness physical introductions, though it is beyond the scope of this text. Certain details are also a kind of (patent- like) secret due to my other works, though I am only permitted to refer here to Rupert Sheldrake's theory of morphic fields here to hint a bit to what is happening.

About crystals and their possible immediate influence on consciousness it has already been written down a tremendous collection of personal experiences and many theories, of those the intelligent ones regard quantum physical phenomenons, biophotons etc. Also about such qualities of water many theories of this kind exists (e.g. about the physics of homeopathy). But seemingly (outside the dev labs and this special "scene" ;-) here) nobody has ever dared to publish about personal experiences or any such theories about elastomers, though I was driven by a strong spiritual need to break the silence here. The only historically well- known case where a latex object played a role in religious ceremonies was the banal case of the holy solid rubber ball of the Aztec's ritual football game, and this game was said to be even just part of a cruel , bloody, inhumane men- sacrification cult.

It may be that elastomers are simply too new to the westian culture to have found a fixed place in acknowledged spiritual or psychological psychedelics yet. (Vulcanization was discovered and first technically used by the alchemist and workaholic Charles Goodyear in 1839.) But it also may be that there were simply just too many prejudices against the material, because in most of the common herd people sayings, metaphors, clichés etc. rubber (and inflatable objects in general) got only associated with negative or ridiculous things and attributes yet. 

Possibly this fascinating material got such a very bad public image due to the banal purposes it got known to be used for (cheap throwaway things - often to keep dirt/ germs outside, requisites for silly jokes in slapstick/ cartoon movies, pencil erasers etc.) and due to its tendencies to easily get dirty, to often change its properties in quite unusual ways or even to slowly dissolve (especially when treated wrongly). (Do you remember your 1st personal childhood experience with a spontaneously bursting toy balloon [genuinely destroyed by drift due to 3rd range operation] and how the remains contracted while picking them up with your warm fingers...?!) 

This all makes latex objects seemingly a kind of eerie for many people - perhaps because it reminds them in an unpleasant way to their own mortality.

One historical note: Charles Goodyear himself was not only a workaholic who despite this died in poverty, but he was also a faithful Christian believer, and so beside much others he also invented at least one thing for religious purpose, namely something what he called "baptizing dresses"...  and yes - they indeed were made of rubber...

This material really doesn't deserve this respectless public image - the spiritual work with latex resonators can have deeply moving and transformatorical effects.

The inflated resonator's shape is formed by a static- dynamical equilibrium between the order-/ informational principle and 3 entropic forces (the elastomer membrane tension, the air pressure within and the air pressure outside, each dependant on the behaviour of myriads of particles of the entire universe), and the interaction of these form a wholeness, which though despite its seeming simplicity sensitively responds to vibrations and any kinds of subtle changes, making the nature of holistic behaviour immediately realizable.

When someone shows prejudices or aversions against inflatable objects in a way that he stupidly mocks about them respectlessly (makes jokes about intentionally destroying them etc.) or does not trust in their properties and stability at all, it is therefore a strong hint to assume that such a person has also still not understood yet the underlying principles of wholenesses in general - and this is really something bad, because wholenesses are everywhere and therefore not understanding their general laws of perpetual interaction endangers the further future of the planet earth and us mankind depending and living on it. 

By the spiritual work with resonators in yoga we all could learn so many valuable things directly, where the sheer classifications of words compared to this would only stay a shallow blah blah...

Resonators are fragile - like mirrors,
but while mirrors only show you how you look like,
do resonators show you.. who you are

As a plastic shamen* I naturally have also tried out other materials besides latex, but I never found anything better suitable for resonators yet in this actual age on this planet.
*) The term "plastic shamen" was originally used by shamens of aboriginal tribes, intended as a swearword to scold other shamens those had broken with (or never had) roots in a traditional native way of life and though were assimilated by ordinary city population. Classic shamens therefore don't call themselves this way, but I am a confessed plastic shamen - and that's something different... ;-)

Today common inflatable objects are mostly made of soft- PVC foil. I read in the internet that, like with rubber, some people also find this material erotically attractive. But in my opinion it is sensually only a lousy mock-up in comparison to latex. Beside that it emits a neurotoxic, headache causing, stingingly smelling plasticizer chemical stench (especially when new), it has a very weird kind of short- term hysteresis which causes it to damp vibrations way too much to be a really adequate material for resonators.

The only other material remotely usable for resonators is ordinary, thin polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) foil, like well known from plastic bags. It also transmits vibrations well, but its bad property is that it has basically no 2nd operating range and an extremely high drift and hysteresis, though its stretching nearly stays completely permanent as soon its tiny 1st range has been overcome. These materials have also a very high electric activity, which makes them useful for electrical methodology, but sometimes problematic for other purposes.

But none of these materials can really compete with latex. A latex resonator can react in a so incredible way more organically; touching it means to feel to be touched - like realizing the living pulse of the universe.

The desire for wearing an inflatable latex suit and to be fascinated to completely devote oneself faithfully to its extraordinary feelings is therefore an in the deepest way shamanic thing - a plastic age expression for the timeless mystical need to immediately realize the relation between the man and the universe and the harmonic unity of both. The suit can therefore be regarded not only in the simple way of a psychedelic aid for decoupling the body and creating altered states of mind, but furthermore even as a kind of "magical" tool to directly feel and to symbolize by the particular physical working principles of this wholeness to participate in (and to "magically reunite" with) the immediate interaction between microcosm and macrocosm - to make it possible for the finite human mind to realize/ perceive to be genuinely integral part of that infinite, all- comprehensive entity of cosmic consciousness which is origin of everything.

(Please don't worry if you found this text strange. Once there was a time where I also could not understand mystical texts like this, and though I also felt much similarly puzzled ;)when I read one of them the 1st time. Now perhaps I became the guy who is puzzling other people with them... ;-) )

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