Toy balloon resonators

Also ordinary latex toy balloons can be used as resonators. They exist in many colours and various shapes and sizes, are often inexpensive, and by mounting an inlet pipe they can be made easily re-usable. Their bad sides are that their material is typically anything but noble - it has usually very high hysteresis because they are optimized on maximum stretchability (and not on durability), and most sorts emit unpleasant smelling antiprana that disturbs meditation, therefore in many applications other resonator kinds are superior to them.

"punching ball" balloons

This is a resonator made from a so-called "punching ball" toy balloon. These balloons in larger inflated states get almost perfectly spherical, and at their upper end they have a knot mounted rubber band (not visible here), originally intended to be bounced around on it as a children toy.

But much more exciting is, that they are capable to generate a great variety of interesting sounds, which makes them perfectly suited for resonaKampaña. E.g. on the rubber band can be played in a bass guitar like way, and very fascinating is that even down to the 1st (!) operating range they are still capable to produce interesting resonant sounds, though they don't need to be driven into ranges those would be strenuous for their fragile material to make resonaKampaña work on them.

The fanfold- like "dome" construction of these resonators gives their membrane a rich and pretty looking fine structure of lines and zones of varying thickness, those enable it to process vibrations in many complex ways. 

(More pictures and infos may appear later on this page.)

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