Latex is an extraordinary, energetic sort of matter - it stands in perpetual vibrant interaction with the universe. Unfortunately this fascinating material has still a very bad public image, because on this planet the only well known group of people that is interested in realizing sensual experiences with latex equipment is publically associated with the sado- maso scene. I am fascinated by the use of inflatable latex objects as a meditation tool, but I am in no way a sado- maso person and though I don't want to attract (or deter) the wrong kinds of people on this planet when all search engines would trumpet out my genuine name when they ask about their scene.

Therefore actually the time is not right yet to reveal to the mankind my real identity on this bridge site to the rubberist scene.

Who I am...

You can call me Aerial  - a sincerely confessed plastic-shamen...

I am a spiritually advanced person, but my religious worldview is nothing commonly known. If you urgently need a gross desk drawer to sort it in, you can imagine it as a kind of Buddhism with genuine Tantra (NOT that stuff sex shops sell under this label) and very high interests in the findings of natural sciences and consciousness research to bring the development of the human race forward. I am artist, scientist, mystic and vegetarian. In my religious context the human body is even something holy and nobody has the right to intentionally damage it, though normally I would never have cared about something associated with a near- sado- maso scene without a very special reason...
(When in the following I use certain terms in a clumsy, inelegant way, then it has to do with that where I live I am using a slightly different spiritual terminology, but I try not to use it here to avoid to reveal my real identity in this text, due to a kind of "non- disclosure agreement".)

Unlike common latex fetishists, the purpose of my experimentation is not of sexual, but of spiritual nature, and in the rare cases where I do any sexual experiments, I do them not for causing, but for learning to avoid orgasms (because they maladjust the nervous system badly).

Why I created this site...

I founded this site because I have a deep fascination of sensually experimenting with inflated rubber structures in my meditation, and I had some very particular experiences with them. Therefore I was silently looking for people on this planet with similar interests and experiences, but for long time I had no success.

Though I got very astonished when I discovered on the internet that the closest what I ever could find was just at a place where I had expected it least, namely in the so- called "rubberist" scene the site of "Mr.Blowup". Mr.Blowup is a male sexual latex fetishist, and he is fascinated by wearing inflatable latex suits, putting himself into inflatable rubber "bodybags" and similar very interesting things.

I had found him coincidentally and his site was absolutely unique for me, especially because he explained there that unlike average latex fetishists he is especially fascinated by the feelings his objects produce, and not so much how they look like. Despite I never had seen these particular things before and though was first a tiny bit shocked about this extremely unusually looking stuff, from my own experiences as a confessed plastic shamen and my scientifical knowledge I immediately recognized that what I saw here was not just any trivial erotic fashion variant or stupid bondage game etc., but a modern, high developed form of drugfree psychedelic technology with many similar elements like my own.

It was not easy for me as a monk to overcome my doubts to contact of all just a sexual latex fetishist first, but then driven by spiritual visions, during more than an entire month I wrote down a long, FAQ- like open letter about my methodology for him (87kB HTML, a predecessor of this site) and yearningly demanded him to publish it on his own site.

Unfortunately he found me too mystical for his site (despite that his wife even wrote me that she had experiences with shamanism, yoga, tantra etc.) and I seriously criticized him for the unnecessarily deterring sado- maso language and too little explanations on it, though everything ended successlessly with a lot of e-mail quarrel and he finally apparently deleted all my later e-mails unread. Mr.Blowup didn't seem to care much about explaining texts - he obviously just wanted to publish pictures and even more pictures for his scene people. I later also looked for other sites about latex equipment, but I found really nothing more intelligent, and especially nothing in any way FAQ- like about the use of such equipment for psychedelics or mystical experiences.

That form of psychedelic methodology I am helping to develop is not finished yet, and I have sworn a religious vow not to cause sufferance to the mankind, though I had to overcome many doubts whether it was already the right time for me to put up an own internet site about this fascinating form of drugfree psychedelics and how the contents of the site should be; I feared that the mankind would not be mature enough to use my meditation knowledge wisely and instead abuse it in sufferance causing ways.

But after I became aware of that with the rubberists there are already people those perform experiments with similar things like me of their own anyway, independently from whether I would participate in it or not, I realized that this site urgently needs to be build, in form of a bridge site between the rubberist scene and other forms of drugfree psychedelics - last but not least to help interested people not to make unwise things with latex equipment. Applied correctly, latex can do so incredible much more than most people may imagine, and it would be a pity when people just realize unpleasant experiences or accidents with it because nobody guides them.

There were already other plans to build a site about this methodology as soon it would get finished, though I first had to discuss with my spiritual teacher to convince him to give me the permission to found an own site about this topic. Because nobody had a guess when the stuff could ever get finished, he finally agreed with me and allowed me to do this.

If you find any of my following explanations on this site too intellectual, please remember that they originate from a completely different context, which never had to do with the "rubberist" scene or anything similar.


What I do...

I can still remember my very first sensual childhood experience I ever had with a red rubber band and the one with the first toy balloon. (It was an orange, oval, rubber one.)

Since my early childhood I got fascinated by experimenting with latex balloons, inflated plastic bags etc., and while doing so, already in my childhood I several times got into mental states of (what I would today identify as) spiritual visions. This didn't happen due to CO2 from blowing by mouth (which I usually don't do in general), but simply by touching and feeling the material. 

As a young child I did many strange things of this kind those confused my parents quite a lot. The only thing I never did was the dangerous habit of children to pull plastic bags over their head, because I could already understand that one could suffocate from doing so. I also didn't play around with fire or mains sockets or any similarly dangerous things, and I also never tended to swallow small parts, but I was technically extremely interested and though I often took apart clocks, mechanical toys and various devices found in the household, which could sometimes make my parents really angry. Though my parents began to rather prefer to see me trying bizarre things with inflated plastic bags, toy balloons or styrofoam, than finding the guts of their new clock or kitchen appliances distributed everywhere on the floors. ;-) While I tried these things, I sometimes received strong visions about topics I could not understand or classify yet at that time, and though I often misinterpreted their messages and genuine intention badly. (Many visions had to do in certain ways with future technologies.) 

While other kids (from school etc.) used toy balloons typically just for throwing them around or even found it funny to pop them, I always wanted to feel them and I hated only few things more than to intentionally destroy latex balloons. (Despite I accidentally many times broke inflated things by overloading them.) Later in my childhood one of my favourite interests became electronics experimentation kits. With my knowledge I was more clever than average children of my age (I was a kind of wonderboy), which unfortunately leaded to a lot of miscomprehensions, often resulting in quarrels in those I repeatedly got terribly beaten up by the more stupid boys at school etc. Though I degenerated and temporary lost all my previous virtues, and my further childhood went in some ways very, very bad.

In the later time I got many other interests, but in spite of all this I kept that unusual fascination for experimenting with inflatable objects (with that I previously assumed to be the only one on this planet). Especially later in puberty (but some also much earlier) I tried out in many ways really similar things like I later saw on the site of Mr. Blowup - but without the need of/ access to/ or just knowledge about the existence of such expensive special equipment for things like that. I e.g. simply stuffed latex balloons, garbage bags and similar inflatable objects into many locations of my clothes and inflated them using a small airbed pump to perceive how it feels. I also began to experiment at that time with the inflating of rubber gloves, about those I already had visions and strange, energizing fantasies as a child, long times before I ever actually got access to them. (I also tried out some sexual things, but it never became a major interest.)

Several years later I got my virtues back by a very special kind of initiation, due to that I learned many immediate things about the cosmos, my future roll in it and many special things about physics and cosmic consciousness, about my future path of yoga, Tantra and much more, which also took me on the way to eventually become a researcher and a developer of computer programs etc. (Some things are secret, though I won't go into more details here...)

I began to study about drugfree psychedelics (shamanic methods, mind machine technology etc.) and became a yogi. With certain interdimensional assistance I began to research about the working principles of yoga and I learned now how to apply inflated membrane structures as resonators - originally intended as a tool for intensifying the direct perception of bodily vibrations to help synchronizing the brain waves for making it much easier to learn meditation. (This effect is basically comparable with the principle of biofeedback devices, but much more immediate due to the direct body contact to the resonator in opposite to audio- visual signal translations in biofeedback. Also a main purpose of the yogic meditational assanas (body postures) is to create such effects, but resonators make this much easier.)

Later it turned out that the resonator technology became an incredible valuable general purpose instrument for intensifying or supporting various kinds of yoga exercises and for creating altered states of the mind.

The internet is a really great invention. In past I always thought I would be the first human being on this planet who began to do things like this, and now by this global village I gladly discover that at the other end of this planet there are also some people (like Mr.Blowup) those methods originate from a completely different background and those despite this enjoy to do at least remotely similar things. Unfortunately I later found out that the internet also had downsides to the latex enthusiasts. (Read their history here.)

From what I nowadays read on the internet about fetishists, it seems to be a quite common phenomenon that the fascination for latex and inflatables is something that most of these people already got it in their earliest childhood, but due to most of them later simply sorted it in as a kind of sexual spleen, they missed the chance to scientifically analyse what is really behind this phenomenon. Instead such people yet just either were urged to join the embarrassing scene of sexual fetishists or keep their fascination secret or simply ignore it due to there was no serious information place and forum about this topic yet beyond that sexual fetishist scene. I hope that this site can help the mankind to understand that latex is much more than just a sexual spleen, but something that can be a very valuable tool for meditation, self- realization and spiritual development.

If you want to contact me, click here.

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