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New guestbook installed because the HTML Gear service has terminated. The old guestbook entries are preserved here.

My e-mail address has changed. (Netscape.net didn't work reliably anymore.)

Vuvuzela music FAQ added.

The vuvuzela is a cheap plastic trumpet that is mainly known from African soccer stadiums as a noise maker, often sounding like an elephant or a swarm of angry hornets. Because most owners have never leaned to play it, many people still think that it can only toot a single note, although properly used it can sound almost as versatile as a saxophone. So I made this FAQ how to turn the vuvuzela into a pleasant sounding musical instrument and play melodies and many different sounds on it. (Do not believe trumpeters those claim you can't - read it and disprove them! It's all a matter of play techniques.)

I moved to another building and had to re-install my laboratory. I lived in agony by all the wars, so I became too depressed to continue this site. I also had a lot of other things to do.

Finally Bush is gone (almost...) and I am back. May Obama make it better.

A year ago I also became severely traumatized by the torture gameshow Fist of Zen, in which they burst largely overinflated latex suits with a pin as a courage test called "Gimp Suit Burst". I could not sleep for weeks after watching it and got severe nightmare flashbacks. When I saw it first in the test episode by Zooweekly on YouTube, I first thought the stunt performer Lup Fun Yau (former Shaolin monk) in it invented this show solely to proclaim the superiority of his own pain-religion ("Zen"?) by disgracing this suit as an enemy idol or the like. I yet always had a very high opinion of Buddhists and very much agreed with their ideals of compassion. But a trance suit is a holy tool to me, and seeing it getting demonstratively destroyed of all by a Buddhist monk really broke my heart. It was a traumatizing atrocity that my mind could not sort in, and the flashbacks remained. To overcome, I decided to watch Fist of Zen on MTV. Seeing now all the violence in it made it worse, however it turned out to be a really dumb and strait forward courage test show, which fake spiritual jargon (grossly imitating a male initiation rite) fortunately was much more meaningless than I had feared, although it is still blaspheme mockery on the ideals of any honest Buddhist. Unfortunately I had to discover that "Gimp Suit Burst" was even one of its standard performances, that was repeated in several episodes; beside black ones they also destroyed 2 wonderful red latex suits. Although these were no dedicated trance suits (they were neither dual layer nor had drysuit seals for inflation, but were only sealed with duct tape), they are still similar enough to upset all trance suit users when massacred in such a horrible manner. Also others complained about this atrocity.

Various people e-mailed me questions and info about trance suits. Sorry if I raised the false impression that I invented them. Although I (perhaps too) proudly wrote on this site a lot about their special properties for physio- kundalinih resonance (PKR), inflatable latex suits have been used for meditation and various kinds of therapy already decades ago. They were usually handmade by small companies and sold under a variety of different names. I just wanted to avoid to get confused with certain fraudulent vendors of sales promotion bus trips, those sold rubber suits in 1970th overpriced with exaggerated health claims to senior people those had neither the skill nor education to care for the delicate material. So much I agree with the positive effects trance suits can have when properly applied, so much I clearly disapprove such criminal scheming. So far I know, current latex suit manufacturers (at least those on the internet) advertise their products only to the "fetish" market, where they can make enough money without risk of getting into trouble with medical laws. In spite of this their suits are also still used in therapeutic applications.

I have learned a lot about latex DIY, but yet there is nothing on this site. I also have learned the art of heatstretching to re-sculpture PVC inflatables. I wrote detailed instructions for this on the Doll Forum and also uploaded photos of my modified life size PVC love dolls and other human shaped inflatable figures there. Although the energetics of soft PVC is far inferior to latex, heatstretching is fascinating and permits really spectacular results (like e.g. transforming a slim inflatable male doll into a bodybuilder).

I had e-mails contact with latex trance people those encouraged me not to let this site vanish like Mr.Blowup. They told that many of them are unsatisfied with the IAR and the way it celebrates itself and boasts with the glory of free speech on the internet. While the IAR is a great info source, its slogan "You are not alone!" sounds almost cynical in their ears because it does not really respect other kinds of latex enthusiasts even when they employ the same types of equipment. So I have made an almost complete rewrite of "The rubberist psychedelic technology" (psydelic.htm), because when I wrote down the initial version in 1999, I had almost no knowledge about its origins. I have added now much background info about its history and how rubberism sold its soul to the internet, including links to the modern therapy use of rubber suits and inflatables.

Further site updates: Some info about air pumps, inlet pipes and elastAyama added to resonat.htm. Some info added to health.htm. Small updates of about.htm, latex.htm, picY1.htm and future.htm. Many updates to the links page added, including therapy use of latex and inflatables and lots of dead links replaced with links to the internet archive Archive.org. Terms {trance suit, trance hood} added, {sensory deprivation} updated in the glossary. Many cosmetical bugs fixed, to make the site display correctly on more modern browsers like Firefox 2. (Previously it was designed on Netscape 4.75, which interpreted HTML table colours and widths in a completely different order when both cell and table entries were set in nested tables.) Some typos removed. Defective post-Olmec discussion board removed.

Yes I know that this site is still a mess. But at least it is displayed now also on modern browsers the way it was once designed to look like. In the age of YouTube - where various kinds of odd looking latex suit pictures appear everywhere in the side bar and the internet community has learned to ignore them - some of my statements about deterring appearance may sound terribly old fashioned or even square now to many internet users, but regard that what you see there are just sheer pictures without explanation, and it is still difficult to find knowledge about them that goes beyond superficial sexual aspects. Over 42000 visitors have reached EEE now.

the years in between - Bush era:
A lot of nasty things have happened. The US army has bombed Iraq and the cruel Saddam was caught. But Iraq is contaminated by radioactive bombs now, irreplaceable unique books burned in the Iraq National Library and also the National Museum was maraudered while the only building that Bush protected was the Ministry Of Oil - this proves the real interests of the new capitalist dictator. Bush even already had planned to legalize the export of national archeological artifacts from Iraq months before he started the bombing, and afterwards some US soldiers helped to rob the Iraq National Museum, which blatantly shows that Bush's genuine main intention was simply to colonize Iraq for no other reasons than banal profits. And while Bush initially had claimed the existence of Saddam's nuclear mass destruction weapons as war reason, during the war he did not even protect the known Iraqian nuclear factories from robbers (which proves that he knew that these weapons never existed). But steel barrels filled with radioactive uranium powder ("yellow cake") were stolen out of the unguarded nuclear factories and fraudulently sold to Iraqian farmers as fertilizer or emptied out into nature and sold as fresh water containers, which made Iraqians die of radioactivity and polluted the soil.

Officially it was claimed in mass media that the uranium barrel thieves were just some stupid Iraqian rednecks. But this incident appears much rather like a systematically planned conspirative measure to enshroud the effect of a much worse source of radioactivity with that Bush's war infested the Iraqian country for millennia. That is to say that the NATO (according to TV news reports) fired during this war 20 tons(!) of so-called "depleted" uranium in armour breaking ammunition on Iraq. This ammonition contains an arrow of pure uranium metal, which is very hard and heavy and thus smashes armours of tanks and fortresses etc. while the uranium burns up and evaporates explosively by the impact of the hit. But despite it is called "depleted" and "weak radioactive", this metal is still so radioactive that its residues e.g. in a shot tank make the needle of a Geiger counter rise up to the limit, and since much of the uranium is made from used nuclear reactor rods, it is polluted with plutonium that even in tiny quantities still causes lung cancer, and by the evaporation it even reaches its maximum possible toxic effect on the Iraqian people's lungs. The biggest uranium arrows in anti- fortress bombs are up to 5 tons heavy, while small aircraft MG bullets weight only few grams. But even these smallest bullets are radioactive and toxic enough that the US media would undoubtedly call it a horrible nuclear "dirty bomb" terror attack and cause a mass panic in USA when anybody would burn up only a single of these few grams lightweight bullets e.g. in the subway of New York, and possibly they would close the entire subway due to nuclear contamination.

(Remember the relation: George W. Bush fired 20 tons(!) of uranium ammunition on Iraq and much of the radioactive material evaporated into the air as clouds of radioactive gases and dusts (a much higher quantity than during the Chernobyl power station accident!) while many other bullets still rot as duds everywhere in the sand - ready for any stupid terrorist to pick up and return them to the sender as part of so-called "dirty bombs".)

Then US soldiers tortured Iraq prisoners; officially Bush claimed not to have given any command for this, but in fact the rotten fish always stinks first at its head. Bush himself is a criminal of war and needs to be sent to Den Hag to re-enable global justice. But instead he IMO now obviously performed an election fraud to re-elect himself because he had paid for the introduction of very insecure computerized voting machines (running on Micro$oft Windows), in those a self- deleting trojan (computer virus) could easily randomly change the vote of every 5th voter in the swing states from John Kerry into George W. Bush to bring this dictator back to power.

Now the religious civil war burns in Iraq, various Muslim groups blindly kill each other and foreigners. Bush claimed not to intentionally destroy the Muslim sanctuaries, but when the war and islamist suicide terror attacks will continue some decades, I am quite sure that finally some western politicians will decide to regard the Islam as the primary evil and some crazy idiot will then drop an atomic bomb on Mecca. Possibly other crazy idiots then drop nukes on Jerusalem and the Vatican and the surviving rest of humanity then will have to live on a quite radioactive planet for the next millenia and anytime in future people will then tell each other a story at campfires how the 3 big devilization religions once mutually exterminated themselves after they had decided to consider each other "the Devil" despite they once had believed in the same God.

The USA is not a real democracy and especially not the "only true" model of democracy for the rest of the world - it is only the flawed prototype of something that was intended to become a democracy hundreds of years ago when monarchists ruled the world and no electronic telecommunication existed. But this project has simply *failed* and thus the election laws in the US constitution must be replaced now with a fair and well overviewable system in that all American citizens are treated equally (independent from in which state they live), in that religion and sexuality has equal rights and in that the president gets no such obscene amount of absolute power anymore.

Bush's new voting machines violate the actual constitution of the USA, because they prevent the re-count of ballots, which voids the entire election and therefore Bush is no legitimate president of the USA and has never been - as never as before when he artificially stopped the re- count of ballots in the year 2000, where Al Gore would have been the genuine president of the USA. Thus it is the duty of every true American to fight against the dictator George W. Bush to re-enable the spirit of democracy. Perhaps America needs a kind of revolution to become what it was intended to be - a nation of free people with free speech that protects differently thinking people. But this must be a totally new kind of revolution - a revolution strictly without violence, because brutality only causes even more killed people and destroys exactly that freedom we are fighting for. America needs a violence- free resistance against hate preachers and hell threateners of all kind (independent from their religion), and when anybody (also the president) tells you that America would be threatened by an external aggressor, the American people must learn again to understand that the proclaimer of this threat is the genuine aggressor against the freedom of the American people.

Fortunately also America later recognized what an insane warlord Bush really was. The Iraq war was built on lies - there never were "weapons of mass destruction" threatening the "free world".

Well, by military superiority, one dictator has defeated the other now, and in this short war even way less people died than expected. Saddam Hussein is gone, and because this cruel leader has apparently killed 100'000th of Iraq's people and would have likely killed even more by his brutalitary governmental system, the mankind basically can be glad that this inhuman murderer finally lost his power.

Should we really be happy? - But what is with the other dictator? George W. Bush claimed to the world that he wanted to free and help the Iraq people, but what did he really do? He only protected the oil ministry of Iraq while his soldiers didn't care at all about plundering gangs devastating hospitals, and they not even prevented the systematic robbery of the archeological National Museum of Iraq. In the opposite, there are reports by Iraq witnesses that American soldiers even helped the museum robbers, and already before the war had even begun, George Bush had planned to officially legalize the export of Iraq's archeological goods. I have no proofs, but the fish stinks at the head first, and IMO this smells very badly of a big conspiracy. Remember - the megalomaniac dictator Adolf Hitler once slaughtered the Jews to steal their money to eventually finance his expensive war against the rest of the world. And despite Bush currently claims that no other wars are actually planned (likely only for the period until he will have produced enough new bombs), I fear that his strategy to control Iraq's oil (and possibly also the National Museum robbery) serves no other purpose than to finance further wars against the rest of the world to "democratize"/ conquer it. Unfortunately the the mass of American people is still far too brainwashed by the common patriotic US mass media to see this, because the media are directly controlled by Bush's government. Bush always claims that he needed to bomb Iraq because Saddam would have mass destruction weapons those would threaten USA, but did they ever exist?! For the rest of the world this looks all like a very foul trick, and the UN has already yet identified so many "proofs" of the CIA as counterfeit, that the genuine reason for this war appears more and more questionable. I have no proof for all this, but when something walks like a duck and squawks like a duck and has the shape and the colour of a duck, then it very likely it is one.

I therefore appeal to the American people: Do not believe in what your local TV stations and big newspapers of the USA tell you about Bush's war and "terror defence" plans - its just propaganda and not the truth.

Instead read e.g. on the internet what good old Europe's newspapers can tell you about it. Don't be blinded, be no patridiot - true democracy constitutes the right not only to vote for, but also to criticize and when necessary to un-vote your leaders. Why shall a president be always right? The president may have been elected "by the people", but did you really have a choice?! Bush claims to "democratize" the world, but how democratic is that system anyway that flushed him up to political power? The USA has in reality only 2 powerful parties in the government with basically the same (capitalist) worldview and the only difference that one is even more gun- addicted and sexuality demonizing than the other. Is Bush really "your" president?! Did you have ever any choice to vote one that corresponds to your wishes or didn't you in fact rather choose the less bad appearing one from only 2 choices you saw in TV talk shows? Isn't this rather like a lottery game? When you would have bought through mail order a washing machine, and there were only 2 models available and the one you bought is shredding your clothes, are you then also so "patriotic" to be happy with that machine because you got the choice to select it, or wouldn't you rather request to exchange it despite you had seen its picture in the catalogue and thus "voted" for it?!? In a genuine democracy the people should rule, and not a single leader who immediately gets the military super power to burn down the world for any reason or for no reason at all without any democratic means to prevent this. Good old Europe has various far more advanced democracies in those the abuse of such an obscene cluster of accumulated destructive power would be impossible. Don't let yourself fool by the mass medial brainwash of "patriotism"; there are no nations and no borders, but only one human race, and sometimes the only way to save the people and prevent a disaster can be not to follow a president.

Drop Bush - not bombs!

Detailed classification chart for latex smells and info about ozone added to the glossary. Over 22000 visitors have reached EEE now.

2 religiously fanatic dictators of 2 very similar devilization religions have begun the 3rd world war now. One is a cruel dictator that everybody knows to be such although he called himself "president" of his country. The other one started has career as an elected president of the last remaining military super power, but turned out now to be a new Adolf Hitler, which in his megalomanic crusader fantasy of "democratizing" and transforming the entire Arabian world by nothing but raw force, will cause a bloodbath of unsayable sufferance now, and this only to fulfil his materialist greed for mother Earth's black blood, and his stubborn personal revenge needs because the other dictator "wanted to kill his daddy". I don't doubt that the 2nd dictator will have the technical means of fire power to turn Arabia into a sort-of "democra[c|z]y". But this process will be solely the result of doing nothing less than successfully transforming 50% of all inhabitants of the Arabian countries into confessing democrats, and the other 50% into ash...

Bush and Saddam: Stop this crazy war at once!

These are 2 machos boasting who has the bigger antlers - with the difference that these antlers explode. Bush claims that Saddam must be killed because he has "mass destruction weapons" those threaten the so-called "free world" - but Bush also! George W. Bush, who boasts here with his nuclear bombs and threatens to perform a nuclear first strikes to destroy Saddam's mountain fortresses if everything else fails? Who threatens here the (free???) world with the toxicity of "mass destruction weapons"?! But even if you would subscribe the total ban of ABC weapons, your own military is researching on things those are at least as inhumane, cruel and fatal as Saddam's ancient gas and bio bombs...

Bush claims e.g. to develop a "non lethal weapon" microwave gun that by concentrated, ultra- short microwave pulses would destroy only enemy microchips without harming people. But exactly the same weapon can boil eye lenses white and possibly make explode the eyeballs in the heads of civilians with the flip of a switch when operated with higher power. And mounted under an aeroplane or missile it is dedicated to shoot its death rays at foreign cities, which means to blind or blindly kill 100'000th of civilians with a weapon that Bush calls "non lethal", and that you (Bush) have planned to use NOW in the war against Iraq cities, while lying to the mass media that it would "only" destroy the communication infra- structure (and TV report cameras, and medical hospital devices, and heart pace makers, and whatever - and wipe out the mankind's knowledge by burning out electronic libraries - and possibly also human brains with the same effectivity), and you not even know for sure which of these effects your new "non lethal" weapon will have, because (much like before the world first nuclear bomb explosion) this weapon was never tried out with aiming at real humane beings before. Thus I can only appeal to the mankind: Drop Bush - not Bombs!

I recently had ordered a "The Crocodile Hunter - Steve Irwin Stretch Doll" latex action figure through eBay from the power seller "rounder23". This vendor ripped me off badly, because after I paid his "total" price of  13$ (including 5.5$ shipping) he requested additional 7.50$ for shipping to Europe - claiming that he didn't know where I live, although he got my address in a previous e-mail a week ago. (The genuine shipping fee was 9.85$, not 13$) When the parcel arrived, the corn syrup gel inside the doll was so hardened that its body almost cracked apart when I attempted to bend its arms, despite the vendor claimed it was "mint condition", and according to the original package it could be maximum 3 years old. Thus I took this cute little latex guy fully apart, removed the gel and modified it inflatable. He became a wonderful spiritual helper now, and when inflated into a low 2nd range, even the prana conduction traces of his kundalinih turn visible as a complex translucent pattern at the back of his tiny latex body. Because it is a common problem that gel filled stretch toys harden and cracks apart after some years, I have written down now a "Stretch Armstrong toy refurbish & modification FAQ" (about gel removal, repair, making stretch toys inflatable, etc.), which can be found in the YesterdaylandStretch Armstrong forum. Also my "French Lolita" latex love doll still did not arrive yet, nor did the online shop Liebesallee answer my e-mails. I have now re- ordered it there for the current price of 169€, hoping that only their database system had automatically deleted my previous order due to an accidentally (?) way too low initial catalogue price. In the Yahoo Group LatexLoveDoll they have now giantly overinflated the large "Letha Weapons" latex love doll to almost maximum size! (Despite instabilities she turned really huge and looks quite interesting. There are many photos and explanations in the thread "LWEP" and also I helped them with some technical tips.) Links page updated {Liebesallee, Denber (their latex smell varies more with colour than I had initially noticed), Yesterdayland, Yahoo Group LatexLoveDolls}. Over 20900 visitors have reached EEE now!

2nd links page update {RubberAngel rubber cement, BodyCult custom made multi- colour latex sheeting, IRRDB technical rubber science site}.

I have performed many experiments now to learn gluing with non- toxic rubber cement (see glossary entry here). I tried to mail- order the wonderful French Lolita latex doll from Boutix.com and got the answer that these frogs don't sell to outside France - Arrg! I now ordered this doll from Liebesallee instead. I also bought (for trance experiences) a used Viking (so-called) "rubber" diving suit for 120 EUR (for me quite a fortune), but it turned out that this pink/ blue "Viking Sport" drysuit not only has several material damages (those are badly glueable with non- toxic rubber cement) and is much older than the seller claimed (no just 5 years, but from before 1991 - I asked the manufacturer), but the material itself is rather plain ordinary imitation leather than real rubber (i.e. by thickness about 8% polyurethane(?) rubber coating on 92% thick jersey cloth lining inside). Especially inside this suit emits a bad solvent antiprana (like shoe shop smell) that makes me quite sick =>I guess I will re-sell that thing soon. :-( (Has anybody a better smelling Aquala all- rubber dive suit for sale?) Links page updated {Liebesallee, Denber, Joydivision latex care, 2 new Yahoo Groups about balloon fetishism, RubberHans, Boutix.com angrily removed}. Over 19000 visitors have reached EEE now.

I received now from RoLatex my ordered parcel with various Denber latex garments. Besides the "bondage gauntlets" (size L instead of XL) all items were correct. I have experimented a lot with converting some of them into resonators (partly with quite spectacular results); read details about my experiences here on the links page. Notes about the Joydivision latex care fluid and RubberAngel's rubber cement added. Glossary updated {operating range, rubber cement}.

George Bush and Saddam Hussein: don't start another world war!!! Why can't you solve problems by reason?!

Dear Bush, where is the great difference between you and Saddam...?! Saddam may do hidden bio- and gas weapon development, but your USA also. In Iraq way too many children have guns and learn shooting - in USA too. Iraq glorifies their army - USA too. Iraq tortures prisoners to get information out of them - US army also. Iraq still applies a medieval barbarism of the name death penalty - USA also. In Iraq socially despised and poor people those have been sent into prison tend to stay there forever without any real chance of mercy - does USA treat them really differently? In Iraq people those disturb establishment's so-called "public morals" get easily sent into prison by demonizing religious fanatics without any logical reasons - does your system treat them really differently? What is with performing public nudism - is there any logically verifiable harm caused by showing dicks in public? - Is that your constitution's proclaimed "pursuit of happiness"?!? Is that the "enduring freedom" of your so-called "Free World"? How free are the bums of Las Vegas those lost their last bucks by falling for the false promises of gambling?! How free are now your New Economy ex-workers those earned their entire old- age pension as shares until their companies went bankrupt?! How free are citizens of St. Francisco those can't afford a car?! Mr. Saddam W. Bushein - oh how different is your system?! ;-)

Many things have happened now. I am back from a travel and e.g. I found a manufacturer Imperial Toy, who still makes rubber stretch toys ("Creatures Of The World") of a latex- like material. I bought a small rubber lizard (30cm) of them and with a modification it is even possible to carefully inflate them. I have bought 2 latex cushions (40x40cm, green metallic with light blue) from Rubber Angel (together 25 EUR + shipping), who also sells without credit card non- toxic rubber cement. The handcrafted cushions are of very supple latex (thus can not hold body weight well), have soft inlet pipes and are cemented with genuine latex cement, which is important because this way for use as resonators they can be inflated even to twice their initial size without seam damage. The only disadvantage for this use is that their light blue side has a higher steepness than the green side, which makes it inflate larger and thus may cause drift damage by instabilities when kept inflated in higher operating ranges. I am also not sure if I am allergic against the metallic dyed material, because at the beginning during elastAyama with them I once got similar allergic symptoms by their smell(?) like I had during my silicone poisoning (see here). Possibly it was just an ammonia overdose from the very fresh latex or even solvent emission from the odorous piston air pump I had used with them. Thus I took the large, old pump apart and washed all parts thoroughly with dish washing soap in a bath tub. It turned out that the black, soft plastic (or chemical rubber??) diaphragm at the piston still emitted a horrible solvent odour (smells like epoxy printed circuit boards) although the plastic pump with wood handle and rubber hose looks like at least 20 years old. Though I replaced the diaphragm with a piece of hot water bottle rubber and plastic, which (after much tweaking) works quite well now. In a later meditation with the cushion and the repaired pump I didn't get that sick anymore. I also bought some latex ball bladders from Epos-Sport, but they are of low quality and emit a bad petrol smell (see here).

A lot of new sites added to the links page {e.g. Rubber Angel, link for "French Lolita" latex dolls changed to Boutix.com (Concorde doesn't have them anymore), Imperial Toy, various interesting forums, some latex art, Ramsdale and ClosetMonster DIY sites}. Over 18200 visitors have reached EEE now.

Don't worry, I am still alive (although Pakistan was almost about to drop a nuke on me...). I just had too much other things to do to update this site.

I found a great link about the Rubberworld exhibition with tons of fascinating latex history info =>note about a fascinating rubberist book from 1956 added to psydelic.htm. Also links about Stretch Armstrong and similar latex stretch dolls added to links page. Glossary updated {latex}.

The parcel with the latex suits etc. from HautEng finally arrived after 2 months at the end of march, but I didn't find any time yet to build a physio- kundalinih resonance unit from it. The material (out of the box) smells a bit unpleasant (musty, metallic?), but this may be just zinc oxide the latex is powdered with. I also experimented with an old, orange soccer ball latex bladder (brand Pongs, slightly cracked) as resonator; they are folded clover- leaf- like, but are a bit stronger than round balloons and thus can play really great, bassy and sonorous sounds in resonaKampaña. I inflated it to ø73cm during elastAyama and it still held my body weight. (Possibly new ones may be inflatable even larger, but mine is already cracked by its former life and I don't want to destroy it.) Some outdated links on the links page fixed (esp. various Yahoo groups and a new source for the "Super Boy" male latex doll). Over 14553 visitors have reached EEE now.

Small fix of webcounter layout. A truck load of latex garment and psychedelic equipment companies and latex fetishist discussion board links added to the links page. I also have found a possible source for the fantastic Marigold hot water bottles and I also found a possible replacement type for the rare "Vileda - Der Starke" rubber gloves.

Bush has thrown plenty of bombs now, though the inhumane Taliban government got swept away and Afghanistan seems to become a bit more democratic again. But experts estimate that more than 5000 innocent civil people died in Afghanistan by that bombing - that's more than the apparently only 3000 people those died in the World Trade Center disaster. But Bush intends to keep on bombing... now the Iraq will be his next victim - more bombs for more killed people - and more profits for the war industry... (Approximate quotation from George Orwell's 1984: "This war doesn't serve the purpose to be won; the war must be kept going on forever because it constitutes the only legitimization for the actual militaristic system which serves the purpose of preserving the power of the government's leader. And this power serves no further purposes, because it IS the primary goal of everything...") What the mankind genuinely needs is not yet another "holy war", but a "holy peace" - namely one that is holy enough to last eternally to secure the mankind's preservation. Bush, if you want to kill Saddam, take a man with a pistol and shoot him - but don't bomb Iraq!

When my old Netcolony web counter broke, its last displayed value was about 11500 visitors, though I have adjusted my new one (from SiteMeter) to the very moderate estimation of 11800. I now have ordered 2 latex suits (of dipped type, each 99EUR) and some other latex items from a German company HautEng; I plan to built an inflatable physio- kundalinih resonance suit (trance suit) from them; I will report soon about this project.

Bush throws now even "fuel aerosol explosive" mass destruction weapons on Afghanistan - these bombs have a very similar effect like nuclear explosions (minus the radiation); they burn and disintegrate everything to ashes within an area of 0.5 x 0.5km and even people outside the area die from burning smoke of the fire storm and suffocate from the hot explosion gases those eat up all oxygen. Some variants of "fuel aerosol explosives" even cause a vacuum pressure shock explosion that tears lungs and ears into shreds - making indirectly hit woman, men and children bleed out of all pores and starve a long and very cruel dead. ;.-(

Stop this barbarism! - In which way are such bombs less blindly murdering than the senseless destruction of the World Trade Center?!? One cruel act of mass- extermination can never make undone another one! (Nobody can escape from his karma - not even Bush. You can not defeat the "evil" using brutality - because the brutality IS the evil.)

Various new threads added to the discussion board. Link fixed in intrdis.htm.

The post-Olmec discussion board is online again.

George Bush drops bomb shells full of land mines ("cluster bombs") on Afghanistan - such treacherous mines kill innocent people! Is this really in any way fairer, morally better and less cowardly than posting anthrax letters?!? Say NO to land mines!

I finally moved this site to Tripod.
I guess that Netcolony went bankrupt. The Netcolony server (which previously hosted this site) made lots of trouble because it often went offline and since months turns any uploaded or modified files into 0 bytes - it is apparently not maintained anymore and seems to be abandoned and though running out of disk space. Also since months the sysop's e-mail address is dead, since a year under Netscape 4.75 the advertisement banners don't work anymore and under Netscape 6.1 now half a dozen of popup windows (even some empty ones and some containing pornography ads and other grubby stuff) annoy the users; this destroys IMO the tiny rests of trustworthiness that was left of Netcolony - it once had worked well, but now appears to be the worst maintained web hosting service I know - the operators of the company apparently don't seem to care at all anymore to buy new harddisks when their servers ran out of space, so long they just can still beat some additional profits out of their porno movie ads using the existing sites. :-[

Sorry for the infrequent updates and lack of new pictures - uploading made very severe problems the last months and included the risk of loosing all data. Since the move to Tripod I hope this trouble will be history now. The discussion board and web counter of this site may be broken at the moment - I hope I get new ones to work  soon. Over 9300 visitors have reached EEE now.

Various small graphics glitches in the pictures section fixed those messed up the layout in the Netscape 6.1 browser. {pictures.htm, picT2.htm, picT3.htm, picY2.htm, picY3.htm, picY4.htm, picRSc1.htm, picRB1.htm} (E.g. the rubber band navigation bar displayed the direction icons above each other instead of left and right. There are still various other minor glitches with the Netscape 6.1 HTML interpreter - e.g. the text indentation within tables etc. is slightly wrong and blinking text doesn't work.)

Yikes! - The World Trade Center is no more; over 5000 women, men and children are dead now. ;-( ...at least I am still alive. I hope that nobody will become trigger- happy enough to start a nuclear war between Pakistan and the USA now, because the radiation could become really unhealthy for us. And so far the silly Taliban gets crazy enough to use a stolen atomic bomb from Pakistan to ignite the Yellowstone volcano in America, the eruption will not only drown 1/3 of the USA in a flood of lava and ashes, but also cover this entire planet in such a dark ash cloud that the rest of the mankind will have the problem of building domes to survive the resulting nuclear winter... It is reported that since people expect that Taliban terrorists will throw bio- and chemical bombs, now everywhere in survival shops of the USA gasmasks got sold out. That's quite funny - I though that only we latex people are used to feel safer when we have gasmasks in our bedside table drawers. But now even ordinary people may start to sing: "Everywhere you go - always take your gasmask with you..."

On the "latex and health care" page new warnings against the extremely toxic PVC pseudo- rubber materials "jelly" and CyberSkin and information about the positive medical effects of sulphur on curing skin problems added. To the links page info about the medical application of sulphur added and a fascinating article about the history of antique children toy dolls made from latex. (In former times there were indeed even created inflatable ones!) Over 8500 visitors have reached EEE now.

Many important infos about rubber chemicals etc. added to the "latex and health care" text. Link to nice Eurotrash photo article about Mr. Blowup added. Hints for blind people etc. to about.htm added. metainfo.htm updated. Small update of glossary.htm. 7000 visitors have reached EEE.

Sorry that my SF story "The Glass Shrine" was offline the last weeks; there was a technical server problem that truncated any large uploaded files or made empty files of them. I hope that my webspace provider Netcolony won't close its business entirely; the broken advertisement banners are a bad sign. (So far my site URL may soon quit working completely, you can expect what has happened. In this case I will have to move this site to somewhere else, but I will always keep my link in the search engine AltaVista and the IAR up to date, though you can find me.) Link to company Marigold added. Small update of picRWb1.htm.

Didn't you also miss yet scientific explanations for all these bizarre sounding kundalinih/ enlightenment/ brain transformation things described on my site?!? Did you expect this would be just a romantic latex dream?

I now finally found the URL of that famous Wiener Biokybernetik Institute I so long had searched for... At this link you now can find so plenty of information about the neurological details of kundalinih, chakras and enlightenment and all kinds of measurable proves for many of them as you likely never had dared to hope. I did a major update of the links page (Biokybernetik/IPN-Network, Janus/Latex & Rubber Program, The Rubber Lovers Contact List and several newsgroups added). Small updates of glossary.htm, latex.htm. Wrong TV series name fixed in footnote of TheGlassShrine.htm. Over 6200 visitors have reached EEE now.

Due to an e-mail by a fan a new section about "vacuum racks" added to psydelic.htm and tips to build a simple face hood from a latex swimcap. Link about silicone oil poisoning added to the links page. Various important updates added to the glossary (bodybag, decoupling, vacuum rack, sensory deprivation, mind machine etc.). Some small updates of health.htm, picRSc1.htm, resonat.htm, metaphy.htm, intrdis.htm, metainfo.htm.

Danger - silicone swimcaps may be toxic!
I got very sick (and possibly toasted most of my brain?) now after breath experiments with silicone swimcaps. :-6  Read all about this here (including some physical details about the odd behaviour of silicone rubber). Also slightly updated resonat.htm, health.htm,links.htm (Caught-In-The-Act). Over 5300 visitors have reached EEE now. That I didn't post in newsgroups the last months has technical reasons - my Usenet provider Deja was bought by the search engine company Google, that "temporary" (??) has closed the news posting feature to save bandwidth. I also have severe trouble with a Linux system update. I possibly will soon look for another Usenet provider so far that nasty silicone poisoning won't kill me...

I found a fascinating article "Native American Science" by Jack Weatherford (see links page) that American natives indeed already were capable to vulcanize latex using sulphur (!) and about many things they made of it. Various small updates of glossary.htm, latex.htm, metaphy.htm, intrdis.htm ("the very first latex fetishists") and picRWb1.htm.

Last week the 3000th visitor has reached EEE. Some more infos about hot water bottle resonators added to picRWb1.htm.

Further infos about silicone swimcap resonators added to picRSc1.htm.

More infos about silicone swimcap resonators added to picRSc1.htm. Meta- information page renamed & updated.
My e-mail address has changed! (The old address still works but will expire soon because Netscape has changed their Webmail system and my old address was too long.)

Small update of discussion board intro text.

I am still alive. I have returned from a travel and I performed my first experiments with a silicone swimcap; unlike my expectation they are indeed inflatable and work astonishingly well as a resonator. (See picRSc1.htm; I also updated glossary.htm and resonat.htm a little.) Possibly silicone rubber may even be the 2nd best material for resonators straight after latex. I also got now a video copy of the movie Flubber. Flubber is a nice, quite alchemistic fantasy about a living, flying and mechanical energy intensifying elastomer. Although it is basically just yet another of these Hollywood comedy movies (with much computer animation), this one is a must to know for everybody interested in alchemistic aspects of elastomers and concepts for perpetual motion devices of the 2nd kind (i.e. entropy reversers). I just had to install a larger harddisk which makes much operating system trouble. At the moment my PC (sort of) works; I hope it will continue working after the necessary OS update; when not, you will notice this when I will be forced to stay offline for some time. Due to foreign language rubbish post- Olmec Discussion board rules changed to English- only and moved the quite large introduction header text to a separate page to improve the layout.

About 2000 visitors came to this site now - but why does nobody sign my guestbook nor reply my mails (except flames)? 8(  Am I really that mis- incarnated on this planet that I need to quit my breathe to terminate this spacetimely life here again - to be hopefully reborn on a better planet than this crappy sphere of machismo???  I came to clear up people about an effective spiritual tool of harmony, but nobody on this planet seems to understand this; I guess everybody still thinks I were "one of these sado- maso perverts" or similar. What lousy kind of planet is this here I was sent to!?

More infos about the hormone glands corresponding to each chakra added to chakra explanation in glossary.htm.

Explanations about the neurological effect of inflatable mouth gags added to the "Yoga vs. latex bondage" article at intrdis.htm. A tip for resonaKampaña added to resonat.htm.

My webcounter signals that the first 1000 visitors have reached my site!  (Yes, webcounters are stupid and likely many people just have reloaded the main page multiple times, but despite there must have been quite a lot. But why does nobody sign my guestbook?! Is it really still such a shame to admit to be interested in latex???) I also joined SpiritWeb now and added this link to the links page.

A meta- information page added with keywords and description summaries for people those want to link this site. (It has been several times updated now.)

Graphics bug fixed in pictures.htm. A bit of new information added to latex.htm about the role of latex in the cruel men- sacrification religion of the Maya and its modern (still practised!) variant.

Yesterday I travelled to the world exhibition Expo 2000. Unfortunately there was absolutely nothing about rubber trees or latex tappers (despite many agriculture topics) and even on the Ecuador stand nobody had information about latex or its shamanic use. (They told me that their shamen was just ill at the moment.)
HTML tables of menu graphics re-worked again; now large fonts don't mess it up that badly anymore; even the complex layout of pictures.htm is now almost as stretchable as latex should be. Discussion board hints extended.

Graphics bug fixed in pictures.htm which messed up the menu layout already at slightly too large fonts. (Unfortunately it is still not remotely as stretchable as genuine latex ;-) , though way too large fonts still tear it apart.). Some rubberist discussion groups added to the links page. Some internal links added to about.htm. I dared now to become registered member of the IAR (although certainly not an average one!).

On the links page lots of broken hyperlinks fixed & replaced and link to Rupert Sheldrake (morphic fields) added.

Discussion board(!) added. My e-mail rules changed, because previously they were legally doubtful because there was too much silent agreement stuff demanded which would not be knowable by any people those found my e-mail address by other sources than the contact.htm page. Minor cosmetic changes on various pages.

Due to server maintenance I couldn't log into my account for some days. I got the guestbook and webcounter to work now.

The first time Enlightening Elastomeric Experiences went on the air...
Don't miss also to sign my guestbook! (Visitor feedback and constructive criticism are welcome!)

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