Enlightening Elastomeric Experiences

What is this site about?

This site is dedicated mainly to a great modern form of drugfree psychedelics - basing on the use of inflatable latex equipment as an effective tool for meditation and creation of altered states of mind for psychological and spiritual purposes, but here is much more about latex/ rubber and the many subtle and less known aspects and applications of it on this site...
Note: This site is not designed to be "adults only" and free of socially harmful contents.

I am consciousness researcher and working on the development of a very effective yoga dialect involving inflatable latex objects (resonators) as a tool for relaxation, self- realization and the perfectation of the man.

There are many forms of more or less effective methods of drugfree psychedelics (e.g. the electronic mind machine technology); about most of them already quite much knowledge has been gathered and researched on. But at the moment the only other known group on this planet that applies inflatable latex equipment for reaching altered states of mind is a special subgroup of the "rubberist" scene, i.e. what people call sexual latex/ rubber fetishists. The working principles of their partly very costly equipment has not much common with sexuality, but is astonishingly similar to shamanic trance methods and includes many effects I know from my own methodologies; unfortunately there seems to be not much scientific thought exchange yet between this group and other forms of drugfree psychedelics.

Mainly due to its origins, those are publically associated with the sado- maso scene, the use of latex still has a bad public image. Though rubberists tend to stay in their own scene and because of their anyway bad image they don't seem to care and worry about their habit of using a for other people quite deterring jargon (e.g. they call themselves "pervies", a latex garment company has the slogan: "primitive fashion for primitive people" etc.). This is really a pity, because latex has certain very special capabilities of interacting with consciousness those permit applications those go far beyond any stupid sexual things, but this is unfortunately something still completely unknown on this planet.

shamanic memories...
Not too long ago also native shamanic cultures were despised similarly by the arrogant westian society as uncivilized "man eaters", those only could be turned into human beings when "missionated" , which in fact meant to rot out and forbid their entire cultures and trance methodologies and replace them by some kind of churchian, demonizing brainwash. The real existing dangerous man- eaters and head- hunters were only inhumane special cases, those had been abused to create a scaring prejudice to demonize all shamanic cultures in general. But contrary to this view, there was always also an intellectual minority that saw in native people something like "the noble savage", who was just different and realized the world in a more direct and intensive way - perhaps naive and more archaic, but not evil.

Today fortunately native shamanic cultures and their psychedelic rites are something publically relatively well accepted; by gathered knowledge from scientific research we have learned that they also have many positive aspects those can be a valuable enrichment for our so so- called "civilized" world. In opposite to this another group of people that much like shamens has developed its own system of drugfree psychedelics and that even lives directly among us, is still demonized by such prejudices instead of seriously researching about them, and though it got forced to stay in the underground and make the best of it. Where I talk about is the psychedelic subgroup of the rubberist scene, which actually has the public image to be just something "pervert" and dangerous, and though despite of its conceptionally completely independent psychedelic developments yet stayed in the environment of sado- maso and other extreme sexual variants to those it is assigned by its public reputation, without showing much own motivation to stop to adapt itself to this image any longer.

Because there was no forum for latex interested people besides this deterring scene yet, people yet could only decide to silently become member of this for most people quite embarrassing group or not to do it at all - no matter if they wanted to get in touch with sexual hardcore stuff or not. Though also the interesting and effective psychedelic technology of this scene remained an insider topic and never found a wider audience yet. It was therefore time to build this site to clear up and introduce generally into the psychedelic use of latex equipment and the many other fascinating aspects latex has and what it can do for us (also to help to free this fascinating material from its bad reputation).

a bridge between two worlds...

The responsible use of inflatable latex equipment for creating altered states of mind is nothing anybody needs to shame about; in the opposite I am convinced that the mankind can benefit a lot in many ways from methodologies to ease meditation, and from what I know from my own research with the resonator technology, I can say that this is one of the most promising forms of drugfree psychedelics. Latex can do so much more than people may imagine, though I created this site also as a bridge between the two worlds of rubberists and drugfree psychedelics.

Especially you may sooner or later find here:

  • an introduction to the resonator technology.
  • instructions for performing various kinds of meditation (especially yoga exercises) with resonators.
  • resonaKampaña (the resonator as a sound instrument).
  • built-it-yourself tips for latex equipment (actually only simple resonators, but more complex things may follow).
  • explanations and tips about the psychedelics technology from the rubberist scene.
  • interdisciplinary thoughts about the rubberist scene and its activities.
  • physical, metaphysical, mystical and spiritual aspects of elastomers.
  • art and music by me (and possibly by others).
  • SF/ fantasy stories about latex and/ or inflatables (but no primitive comedy/ hoax stuff ).
  • historical infos about latex.
  • hyperlinks to such topics and to other forms of drugfree psychedelics.
  • a discussion board for the topics of this site.

What this site is not about:

This is not a site for sexual fetishism*, though you won't find here:
  • pornography (or boring pictures of girls in latex desous etc. etc.)
  • any tips or gadgets strictly related to causing orgasms or performing sexual intercourse.

  • *Note: I don't stupidly demonize sex. This site is just not the right place for it. My intention is to create something completely different and not just another sexual fetish site.
The human body is holy, though you also won't find here:
  • anything for cruelty or strictly sado- maso* related. 
  • any instructions or encouragement for grossly unhealthy or dangerous methods for reaching altered states of mind (like suffocation experiments or other fatal flatliner stuff).
  • tips for psychoactive drugs or any other brain destroying things.

  • *Note: I also don't demonize sado- masochism in general; I know that certain forms of ritualized domina role- playing games can be an important therapy for people to process violence- related psychological traumas etc.

    (Some scientifical background informations about sado- masochism and related topics may despite be found on this site, as far they are necessary for preventing bad consequences and/ or to understand certain phenomenons and motivations of the actual rubberist scene on this planet.)

You also won't find here further theoretical details about my religion; this site is intended to rather provide practical methodologies for making own mystical experiences than to discuss dry theory here. (Hint: You can find a few more aspects of my religion in the science fiction story "The Glass Shrine".)

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By the way; this site is frame- free and nearly its entire decoration has been made from rubber. (Unfortunately the internet only provides audio- visual, but no tactile response yet... ;-)  )

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