Dear rubberists:
This intellectual site may appear uncommon to you, but don't fear to contact me. I need your help and really won't bite you... ;-)

Enlightening Elastomeric Experiences

to boldly do what no man has done before...

This internet site is something very avantgardistic, and as a bridge site it certainly doesn't fit well into actual clichés of the latex or rubberist sites commonly known on this planet. It shall be a place of interdisciplinary information and knowledge exchange about the various still publically little known aspects and hidden qualities of latex/ rubber and inflatables, sensual and spiritual experiences with them and their use for reaching altered states of mind.

Come and help me!

I want to show the world that latex is something wonderful and that psychedelic experiences with it don't deserve it to be treated as "pervert". This site shall become a place of joyful synergy for many different kinds of people. But to make this site interesting and versatile, I will need your help.

If you have digital information material related to this site that you want to donate me, please e-mail it to me. (But always ask before sending anything larger than a few 100kB, and send large data always uninflated;) , i.e. compressed as a ZIP file etc. With informations those are already online (and will stay it for longer), please rather send me the internet link than the material itself.)

What I need...

I am interesting in everything well fitting to the topics of this site.

Especially I want:

What I don't want...

things those don't fit to the topics of this site or illegal stuff.

What I also definitely won't include here:

I always reserve the right to comment, cut or partly censor texts those I regard as in their present form not suitable for this site.


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