Dear rubberists:
This intellectual site may appear uncommon to you, but don't fear to contact me. I need your help and really won't bite you... ;-)

Enlightening Elastomeric Experiences

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How to contact me...

Webmaster and operator of this site is...
Aerial - a sincerely confessed plastic-shamen

If you want to contact me, just e-mail to: AerialTheShamen ED (replace "ED" with @ to answer)

I have not much time to process e-mails. When you e-mail me, it is very possible that it may take multiple weeks until you receive an answer.

please don't flame...
Please don't abuse this e-mail account for flames, silly jokes or mockery. I know well about the ruined public image of rubber, inflatables and people those enjoy sensual experiences with them, though it was not easy for me as a monk to put up of all just an interdisciplinary bridge site to the rubberist scene about them. Please only e-mail sensible things to me; I want to make of this site a place for people those search for effective tools for realizing great joyful harmony, for self- realization and spiritual development.

Also don't ask me about technical details of particular parts of rubberist equipment. I know many things about the resonator technology and have studied drugfree psychedelics, but unless I mentioned it otherwise, I have no personal experience with special psychedelic devices of the rubberist scene.
e-mail discretion and copyrights:
All personal aspects of normal e-mails will be treated confidentially; especially addresses, phone numbers etc. won't be spreaded over the internet or other media without your permission.

When you e-mail me informations explicitly to be included into this site and want to stay anonymous, it will be important for you to mark which part of the e-mail I can include into this site. If no such part is marked, you silently agree with that I can publish the entire e-mail "as is". (If you want to stay anonymous, I also recommend you to choose a pseudonym with which I can name you on the site.) So far not otherwise mentioned in your e-mail or its attachments, you also silently agree with that I later may include the informations gathered for this site into other media, and I will expect that the copyright owner of the material donated for it by you will have agreed with these conditions.

I always reserve the right to comment, cut or partly censor texts those I regard as in their present form not suitable for this site. I also reserve the right not to answer any e-mails those are too impudent, too vulgar or those request things those would violate the contents scope of this site*.  I also possibly won't answer questions those are already answered in the instruction texts.

(*Remember, I am a mystic and consciousness researcher - not a typical sexual latex fetishist.)
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...a sincerely confessed plastic-shamen
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