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psychedelic latex equipment:

Due to there is currently no separate scene about latex equipment for meditation and drugfree psychedelics on this planet, the following web links include carefully selected sites about sexual latex fetishism those are more or less centered on this kind of psychedelics technology. These links are placed here solely for informational purpose to clear up about this yet publically unknown, but very efficient technology for altered states of mind, which is capable to create a very deep and secure feeling of tranquility and harmony when applied correctly (explained here).

do-it-yourself latex links:

rubber history links:

(latex related) ancient culture links (Olmecs etc.):

children toys links:

latex art links:

other latex/ rubber related links:

news- & discussion groups related to this site:

other drugfree psychedelics links:

mind machines:

Mind machines (sometimes called "brain machines") are technical devices for reaching altered states of mind; they are (yet) the most well- known and officially researched form of modern drugfree psychedelics.

other links:

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